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Dr. Ghassan Khayyat


Dr. Khayyat is a hip and knee reconstructive surgeon (joint replacement) & sport medicine. He was trained and certified in Ireland from 1993 until 2000, upon completing his training he was appointed as a consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Ireland from 2000-2011, specializing in arthoplasty and sport medicine.

He covered trauma on call (broken bones) in one of the busiest hospitals in Ireland, he aquired extensive expertise in managing complex trauma cases.

Dr. Khayyat has 20 years of extensive experience in joint replacement, sport medicine and trauma, he embraces the latest surgical techniques, he provides a personalized service and aftercare.

  • 20 years of experience in managing complex orthopaedic cases
  • Advisor to leading medical device companies
  • Frequent Speaker at regional and international orthopaedic meetings

Dr. Ghassan Khayyat


My main interests

Orthopaedic Surgery

Trauma and fractures of bones in adults and children

Sport Medicine

Ligament and bony injuries Knee arthroscopy cruciate ligament surgery meniscial repair

Pelvic Trauma

Pelvic fractures, Acetabular fractures, hip fractures


Total Hip Replacement Total Knee Replacement Revision Arthroplasty ( revising a previously done joint) management of bone loss

Patient Info

Knee & Lower Leg

Interactive Learning Modules

  ACL Reconstruction Module
  Total Hip Replacement Module


Educational videos

Total Knee Replacement

This is a short animation of how the total knee replacement is performed

Total Hip Replacement

This is a short animation of hoe the Total hip replacement is performed

Knee Arthoscopy

key hole surgery usually done for torn meniscus as a day case, patients go home on the same day without crutches.

Arthoscopic ACL Reconstruction

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome